Mission & Vision


To drive holistic change in lives of the tribals by creating local opportunities and enabling them to lead an honorable life in their own villages. To minimize migration and create self sustaining systems for the community to work and live in happiness and peace.


Engaging,Empowering and Enriching lives...
Making a better world for less fortunate, under privileged tribal community..


To facilitate sustainable development in the lives of tribals of Maharashtra through a multi-pronged, multi-dimensional approach needed to address the different intertwined layers of social problems.
Programs: Sustainable change and transformation needs taking a holistic approach that encompasses addressing different overlapping social problems. The core pillars of Raah foundation’s sustainable development approach include the following:

  • Water shed development (building check dams, wells etc. to create additional sources of water),
  • Agriculture Development (training in farming techniques, seeds & sapling distribution, support in drip irrigation, forming marketing linkages),
  • Livelihoods (women micro businesses - grocery shops, dry fish selling, vegetable vending, food stalls etc.),
  • Traditional Art revival and rejuvenation (Warli Art and Fabric Art)
  • Health (addressing malnourishment among children and anaemia in women)